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Parents love HappYnex!

Every student of music deserves the opportunity to sound the best they possibly can.  For beginners in particular, it can be very difficult to coax a pleasing note from the instrument.  But, no matter what, a musician can never sound better than their instrument.  There is so much to discourage a young player.  Unless a young player has the opportunity to make real music on  a quality instrument, playing a string instrument can be an exercise in frustration.  String teachers, eager to inspire young talent, are not the least among those who are frustrated by "violin shaped objects."
A high quality string instrument is a work of art.  Every reasonable parent and teacher is reluctant to put a delicate work of art into the hands of a child.  What happens if (when) he drops it?  What child wants to contend with having this sort of responsibility?  Quite simply, the Happynex support sling will provide you the peace mind to buy or rent the best possible instrument for your young student.
With the HappYnex Violin/Viola support, the instrument is literally attached to the player.  Properly secured, the instrument remains in playing position with no hands required.  Musicians can cover their sneezes and the instrument won't fall.  They can leave the instrument attached to their person rather than leaving it on a chair (or on the floor!).  You'll be less nervous and they'll be less nervous.  And you'll both be amazed by the beautiful sound of a quality instrument.

Teachers love HappYnex!

Teachers love HappYnex because of the freedom that it provides during instruction.  The HappYnex secures the instrument to the teacher, keeping the instrument at the ready.  Walk around, supervise, instruct, make notations on sheet music, play some notes on the piano, and then reach over and play the violin.  No need to put the violin down, it's always secure and available.

String students love HappYnex!

Every string teacher knows that endurance is an important issue for new students.  It's hard for those muscles to maintain a proper playing position.  And a lot of bad habits develop early. New players may clamp down with their necks or clutch the neck of their instrument in their fists.  The support from the HappYnex allows healthy habits to form from the start.  And practice sessions won't be cut short by weary limbs.  As the student matures, the HappYnex is invaluable in learning more advanced skills as well.  
Learning to shift positions and to perform vibrato are complicated because of the difficulty of both balancing the instrument and applying a complex physical task.  With the Happynex takes up the weight of the instrument, the student can focus on the development of the new skills undistracted by the need to balance the instrument.  The Happynex is more secure, comfortable, and effective in assisting the development of these skills than any other technique, and is particularly superior to the usual method of jamming the instrument into a wall to allieviate the weight.

What about tradition?

For many, the use of a violin support sling is a return to traditional principles of stringed instrument playing.   We look to Leopold Auer (1845 – 1930) for the best information on the appropriate attitude of the violinist and the true position of the instrument.  A student of Joseph Joachim, Auer is known as one of the most important pedagogues of the previous Century.  Among his students were Jascha Heifetz, Mischa Elman, Nathan Milstein, and  Efrem Zimbalitst.  According to Auer,  the instrument must be free to move with the player and its full sound must be preserved. 

Unlike a pad, the HappYnex won’t interfere with the full sound of your instrument and allows for freedom of movement.     For some, short term comfort that comes from locking the instrument in place may come at the expense of long term injury when a shoulder rest is used in a manner that limits the freedom of the instrument.  The HappYnex Violin/Viola Support Sling is designed to allow freedom of movement for the player and the instrument.  With or without a shoulder rest.   The use of HappYnex maintains the best of our traditions and it promotes healthy habits.

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