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Who's Happy So Far?
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"What a marvelous idea!  I saw one for the first time today.  I can't help but think that some day soon, every violinist and violist will have one.  Once people have had chance to try it, it's going to really catch on!" - MB

"Brian Wicklund gave me a Happynex to try.  The short answer is that I love it!  Now I only use my head for balance and don't use any weight at all to hold the violin.  This means it's actually comfortable!  I can play for a couple of hours without any strain or pain.  I didn't think that would ever be possible!  You've invented a terrific product and should feel very proud of it.  Congratulations and thank you!"  - LKC

"This is a great idea!  Like most good ideas it seems simple and logical.  Good luck with it!"  -KD

"I wanted to write you because I am so grateful for all your thought in creating this marvelous sling.  I was a professional viola player and teacher until I broke my shoulder in 1996.  After a botched repair by a well meaning surgeon, I was unable to play.  Much sadness and emotional upset ensued.
...My life, with a shoulder replacement and a year of physical therapy has new meaning.  The sling provides support where I need it. Now I can play a page of music or more without being tired.  Before, I struggled so hard I put the violin down after each line."  - ES

"I like it!  It really does reduce the amount of effort I have to expend keeping the fiddle in place.  I probably wouldn't perform with one, but I do like practicing with it.  Who knows, if I get comletely addicted to it, I might *have* to perform with it :-)  Anyway, its a nice product, and I wish you succes with it." -BL


"Being introduced to the Happynex after a wrist injury was one of life's miracles.  My wrist would start to hurt after 15 minutes of holding my heavy 15 3/4 viola.  This is a life saver for those suffering from any kind of pain that would diminish their performance techniques.  

I play in  a rock band so I need to be able to move freely on stage.  This gives me that freedom to grab a drink or play the tambourine all while having my viola right at my finger tips.  

It was a bit snug at first under the armpit.  With a few adjustments, I got it right where it fits comfortably on my body.

I'm  a proud user of Happynex."  - TP 

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"You're right!  The Happynex support works with or without a chin or shoulder rest.  But, after playing around with various configurations, I found it works best for me when I just add the Happynex to the setup I already had.  After auditioning a number of chin rests and shoulder rests, I thought I was pretty comfortable.  A friend of mine let me try her Happynex, and now I can't imagine playing without one!  This really is 'the next generation of playing comfort.' Thanks Karen!"  - LM

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